Authors I love, books they wrote (and are writing) and shops to venture to…

Audrey N Lewis

Everybody has a story…These are ours

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I first met Audrey in a bookstore. We had spoken for a bit and she shared with me that she was working on getting her book published. I told her I would love to read it when she completed it. A few months later she came back with her book of short stories. Each of the stories captures you within the first paragraph and doesn’t let you go even after it has ended. I sat there in amazement and wished for more. The characters in each story are real and you can relate to them. Pick it up you will not be disappointed

Art Kleck

What You See, Is What You Hit

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Art Kleck’s book makes you wonder if you have been batting on the wrong side of home plate all these years. He explains what the link is between your “eyedness” and your “handedness”. Written as if he was sitting across from you enjoying a cup of coffee and having an one on one conversation. He shares personal stories and this book grabs hold of you and puts you right there with him.

Michael J. Nally

The Agorian Chronicles

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Renee Rosen

Windy City Blues

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When I first read What the Lady Wants I knew Renee Rosen was going to be an author I admired. I could not wait to get her next book(s) in my hands. Windy City Blues did not disappoint!! Not only is it set in Chicago (my kind of town!) the characters are so relatable. I loved the depth each character has as well as the situation they all go through during a time this country was on edge; standing up for what is right, knowing love knows no color and trying to introduce a new style of music. I laughed, I cried and I cheered on right there with all of them. A must read!

Trisha Daab

The Not-So-Evil Stepmother in the Most Magical Place on Earth: Planning Your Walt Disney World Family Vacation

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I had the pleasure of meeting Trisha at the 2nd Annual AuthorFest in Round Lake, IL. She had a table across from mine and I immediately noticed a Disney Theme. Being a Disney fan myself, I loved the play on words in her book title. She gives you great ideas and ways to enjoy Disney World from the perspective of a parent with their family making your trip one that you will always remember. This is the quintessential guide to Disney World when you are planning your trip to the “Happiest Place On Earth”.

This Old Book Store

Downtown Grayslake, IL

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The moment you walk into this store, you feel at home. They are a used bookstore, but there is so much more to this store. They support local authors, photographers, they carry not only used books, but antique and rare finds. The atmosphere is down to earth and you can tell all that work there have such a love for reading. Go browse around, you never know what gem you will find.