New Page Recommendations

The site is up, now what…well I have added a recommendation page. There will be authors and books I enjoy reading, authors I have had the pleasure of meeting, and some reviews. I hope that you will take the time and read the page. Maybe you will even find a new book you love that you may had not picked up otherwise.

Who is your favorite author? Book? I love recommendations from others. Send me an email and I will post the book and a review right here on my site. Authors are welcome too.

Happy Reading!

Working On My Site

I have never done a website before, thank goodness that I have a Mac and iWeb. I am lucky to have this program, it makes it easier for me to just type, drop, and go. If I would have to do coding and all that computer stuff, this site would never get done.

So, slowly but surely I will get this website up for all to see. I have big plans for it, like posting new works, photos, and maybe a place where others can ask me questions. Here goes nothing!

It will be fun getting to see this up on the web.


Wow it has been so busy with the book finally being released. I went to my first author event and it was amazing experience. I learned so much from talking and meeting other authors. What a community in the author world is.

With my first book out there, I am now working on my second book. Its just incredible how with the work I put in this book, has motivated me to start working on my second one right away.

I Did It!

Hello Everyone!

The day has finally come that I have taken that huge leap, making one of my dreams come true. I have published my poems.

The roller coaster of emotions is the best way to describe what I have felt. From typing them up on the computer (I still hand write all of my poems first), to having others read them (keeping my eyes closed), to going outside my comfort zone and opening up this world I have lived in. Its so scary to open myself up this way.

I have always kept my poems private and only a few people have seen one or maybe two of these poems. Through encouragement of friends, family, and other authors, I decided to send them out to the world. Like sending out one of my kids. Whether 1 or 1,000 or million copies are sold, I can at least say “I DID IT!”. Now that the ride is going, I am already working on the next one to go on.

This is scary, exciting, thrilling, suspenseful, wild, but I will not change a thing.