Block Happens

Been busy, tired and suffering from a block, a writer’s block. All of my normal tricks to get out of my funk weren’t working. I just couldn’t figure out why. Changing scenery didn’t work, writing at different times of the day didn’t work, looking back at older poems for encouragement didn’t work, so I went to music.

I opened up my Pandora and clicked on one of my favorite artists, Walk Off The Earth. I scrolled down, found “All Songs”, and with fingers crossed I clicked on the first song, Red Hands. From there each of their songs played on. Closing my eyes and listening to the lyrics and beats, my mind cleared. Words started flowing like a thawed stream after a long winter. Images passed through, leaping off the paper at me. Finally the “dam” block crumbled!

Thanks WOTE!!

January and 51 degrees??

Its the middle of January and 51 degrees, last week it was snowing and in the 20s…only in Chicago. Never a dull moment here!

With the ups and downs of the weather, it has been great writing weather. No writers block, thank goodness! I am so excited about this one! New poems and black & white photos, plus a few photos and artwork from budding artists. Can’t wait to release them but, for now, back to organizing and formatting.


Its 2018, a new year with new possibilities. My word for this year is ACHIEVE. What will I create and achieve this year? I am looking forward to releasing of my next book, venturing out and expanding my writing (maybe a collection of short stories or a novel).
What is your word for the year? What goals are you hoping to achieve? Dreams that you are going to make come true?

A New Year with New Possibilities…

Book Signing

I know this is a little late, but with the holidays, as us all, I got really busy. I wanted to share pictures from my book signing on Dec 23th at This Old Book. I would like to thank Janet the owner of This Old Book, for hosting my signing. Thank you to all of you who stopped by to show your support on such a cold and busy day.

I would like to announce the winner of the raffle, Michael Nally, who will receive a free copy of the new book, “When Willow Weeps”, that will be released in April 2018.

I hope all of you have had a great holiday season!

Happy New Year!

Winter Is Here

All at once yesterday the world changed from just a cold gray world, to a white covered world (still cold). Though I am not one who enjoys the cold or the slippery roads, the fall of snow does remind me once again how beautiful our world is. How each changing season is inspiring and purposeful.

Between the beauty of fall and all of its colors, to the white wonderland of winter getting out and photographing the world brings out the most creative side of me. Then Spring sprouts up and new colors are born, for a moment or two all is anew before the heat of summer tries drying things up.

So I will bundle up for now, get out there, and enjoy the winter wonderland.

A Light Dusting

Woke up this morning to a nice light dusting of snow. I don’t mind snow, just as long as its not on the streets and sidewalk (which of course will never happen). Since I get some of my best photos in the winter, I say “Let It Snow, Let It Snow”.

I am armed with scarves, jackets, hats & gloves, hot tea, and my camera. Bring on the snow. Let me view the wonder in my children’s eyes, the joy of family visiting, and the peaceful nights under the Christmas lights.

Thank you Mother Nature for reminding us of the simple things. So, enjoy this holiday season and stop for a moment to take in the wonder and magic of it all.

Up and Running

My blog will be better than ever now! I will be able to post more often, include more photos, and more updates of what is happening (this coming year is going to be exciting one for me). With that said, I have an exciting announcement! I will be having a Book Signing at This Old Book in Grayslake, IL, on December 23, 2017 (More details will follow.). What better way to help someone looking for a last minute gift than my book, signed and wrapped up for Christmas?! I will also have a raffle for a drawing for a signed copy of my new book, When Willows Weep, due out in April 2018. I hope to see all of you there! Happy Holidays!!


In Autumn I seem to write more than throughout the year. Inspiration seems to just fall around me like the leaves from my Oak Tree. It’s Nature’s last bow, until Spring; covering the land in red, yellow and orange sharing its secret tucked away all summer. I believe if Nature could write, it would be a beautiful poem, expressing how to let go, yet knowing it will all come back in time. Showing a long love affair spanning months, years, centuries, always returning in the first bud no longer covered in the white blanket of Winter.

What does Autumn mean to you?

Where To Get It

My book is now in a public library! The unbelievable feeling that not only had I gotten a lifelong dream come true, but to seeing it sit on a shelf to be checked out in a library, priceless! Someone needs to pinch me! The best part of it all, is seeing the excitement in my kid’s eyes. I hope that they learn, when you work hard, stay passionate, and don’t give up, you can make your dreams a reality.

Argh, Digital!

If you know me personally, you know that I arrived kicking and screaming into the digital age. With my love for B&W (noir photography, if you would), I had no use for a digital camera or Photoshop. Give me a good roll of film, the right lighting, and a dark room and I am all set. However, that is no longer possible. Digital has taken away some of the artistry of photography and the time to take the perfect shot the first time rather than fire off several and pick and tweak the best one. So, I have tried to embrace the best I can. I still get very picky about what I shoot and how I shoot it. I watch the shadows, the angles of the light, and textures.

With my first book under my belt, I feel this next one will show more of my passion for B&W. Photos tell stories just as words do and the combination of both in my books, I hope you see the importance and art of both.