Change in Your Life

What is the one thing that changed your life? Whether it was a difficult time or an AH-HA moment, or an amazing reality, change does happen and influences us in our life. I have had those moments throughout my life but no matter what it may be, I found a way to work through or hold on to some of those memories.

I  had a recent moment in this regards. Unable to do what I use to do in life, I have found solace in my writing. It has helped me express the pain I deal with daily, help me find the happiness I sometimes forget is there, and help me to expand out of my comfort zone. I have discovered how there is so many more stories and poems inside of me. I found a new excitement I thought I had lost and a passion to be able to share stories from within me. I have branched out to new avenues in my writing, bringing new excitement that has been lacking. I now look forward to taking pen to paper.

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