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Happy Tuesday!

We are close to the end of March and I have been trying to get my layout done. I am struggling with placement of my photos. For my first book, I had photos match poems but with this book I feel like I should center the photos in the middle of the book. I keep going back and forth on this and just don’t know what to do. I am hoping to figure this out by the time I finish shooting (taking pictures, don’t want any mix-up) and maybe then it will be crystal clear.

I have been getting in some photography lately, which seriously has boost my creativity. With that said, I also have gotten two budding photographers, my kids, taking photos for “your book Mom!” I love that in my journey to be an author, it has been a great example for my kids. Sharing with them the process (doesn’t happen overnight), struggles (layout and editing and marketing), and then the reward (seeing my book in print and doing author events), is a life lesson that I am lucky enough to share with my children.

As for now, I will go back to my dilemma, and use it as a learning experience, this time patience.

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