Argh, Digital!

If you know me personally, you know that I arrived kicking and screaming into the digital age. With my love for B&W (noir photography, if you would), I had no use for a digital camera or Photoshop. Give me a good roll of film, the right lighting, and a dark room and I am all set. However, that is no longer possible. Digital has taken away some of the artistry of photography and the time to take the perfect shot the first time rather than fire off several and pick and tweak the best one. So, I have tried to embrace the best I can. I still get very picky about what I shoot and how I shoot it. I watch the shadows, the angles of the light, and textures.

With my first book under my belt, I feel this next one will show more of my passion for B&W. Photos tell stories just as words do and the combination of both in my books, I hope you see the importance and art of both.

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