Finally Spring

Yay!!! After a few spring snowstorms and cold temperatures, we are finally in Spring. Flowers are blooming, trees turning green, and the sweet sound of kids playing outside, wakes all of us from the winter slump.

Now its time for planting. I have 3 new lilac bushes in the ground and standing tall. The kids will be more active in the veggie garden this year, which will be a huge help. We are extending it to hold more cucumbers and lettuce and adding some new veggies too.

What do all of this have with writing? Poetry? Its all about inspiration. Watching the world awaken around me, I go off in the land of poetry, where hope, beauty and emotions encourages me to write more, even raining days. Poetry is me. I put my heart and soul into every word I get on paper. Then listening to the kids outside reminds me of my youth and though my childhood had some very bad times, I can look back and see the moments that where my best days.

Life is my inspiration. So go out and enjoy Spring, maybe you will be inspired too.