Spring is HERE!!

Happy Spring Everyone!

My favorite time of year is Fall, however Spring is a close second. The beauty of the world being reborn, inspires me in so many ways, yet, at times cause some bittersweet memories.  I look forward to all of the flowers blooming but one stands out above all, my lilac bush. The sweet smell transports me back to a kid, where I would climb up in our lilac bush and escape reality for awhile. For those moments I could dream without being disturbed and hope that one day I would be able to live out my life a bit simpler than the hardship I was going in those days.

The ups and downs that mold you as an adult, can  sometimes postpone those dreams. Yet, after many years behind me, I am finally able to live a dream or two. I never gave up on them, even in some of my darkest hours.

Who knew that a lilac bush could nurture and inspire someone in that way.  From a simple flower, I take its fragrance and associate it to some of my most happiest times, as well as, some of the saddest. Yet, I always go back to it and savor every moment of its blooms.

I reach across
to get a glance
of you,
on more time.

In Like a Lion

Happy March Everyone!

I have been hard at work getting my writing time in and establishing more of a routine. One of the other items on the list is working on my blog and keeping my website up to date. Fingers crossed I will get into a routine soon. I hear it takes 30 days for anything to become a habit.

So here is day 1.

I have also been busy with setting up more book signings, workshops, and other events. As they get finalized I will be posting all the info here, as well as, on my social media pages.

I  am so excited to announce I have submitted a couple of poems to a contest through Southern Editing & Design. The link on Facebook is, https://www.facebook.com/group/702693853408808/?ref=group_header. Please feel free to go there for all the rules and when you can start voting. I will also be promoted on their website, https://ww.myaffiliateonstore.com/-tel.html. So go over and check it out.

Spring is when all life starts again and great time of year when you can start anew.  I look forward for what is ahead of me and to share my journey with you all.

Enjoy your Journey,


My favorite flower, which is here for only a short time, but blooms hope every year.