I’m Back

Hello Everyone!!

Its been a couple of difficult months for me. The lose of my Dad, missing my Grandparents, couldn’t get into my website, and physically in pain (due to all my autoimmune problems). Now the website is back on track and I am still having some tough days, but needless to say I have return to the living.

Been really busy with my writing, I believe this has helped in my slow process of grieving. I just hope I can write some more uplifting poems soon. I have injured my left knee and will have to have a MRI done to see what I have torn, but the silver lining of my cloud is that I will have more time to write. On Wednesday I will find out what course of action I will be taking to fix it. The working title for the novel is When it was Me.

I am also getting some reading done. I am currently reading Finding Dorothy by Elizabeth Letts. I am really enjoying it. Its a imaginative novel of the wife of L.Frank Baum, Maud, and the making of the movie The Wizard of Oz. 

What are you currently reading?