My Loss

I first have to apologize for being absent from my website and blogs. In December, I lost my father. He battled for nine and a half years against truly monstrous foe, CANCER! I was able, along with my siblings, to get to my parent’s house to spend his last couple of days with him, before he drifted off to be with my grandparents in Heaven. The pain to watch him be in was hard to bear, but I also would never trade being there for anything. When I first arrived he opened his eyes, looked at me and with a big smile he said “Hi Tish. I love you.”. The rest of the time was in shifts with my sisters and brother during the day and my Mom took the night shift.

He passed on a Wednesday surrounded by my Mom, is kids, and some of his grandkids. As I placed my hand on his leg I could feel the faint pulse against my hand, then in a last breath, he was gone. We checked everything off his list on how he wanted to go, his last request,  surrounded by his family at their home, and knowing we would have each other to lean on as well as help Mom.

With his passing, I have been turning to my writing more. For me that will be my therapy for the long rode ahead without my Dad. He was my biggest fan, encouraged my writing from early on, and supported my dreams.

I will miss him everyday for the rest of my life and hopefully I can pass down stories to my children, so that all of our memories will live on.