God’s Painting

Photography, to me, has always been a part of my creative expression. I look through a camera lens and most of the time I see the world in black & white.

However, sometimes nature comes in and shows me the beauty of color. I stand in its awe for a moment before capturing it on film…I know its digital but to me I shoot as if I have only 36 exposures, so I better get the shot right the first time (I have that love/hate relationship with digital). In that moment the rest of the world keeps going on, except for me.

As I write this, God’s Painting, reminds me there is still so much beauty in the world and as long as you are patient you too can enjoy it, even if only for a few moments.

It’s Fall

This is my favorite time of year! Now I do realize that Fall techinally doesn’t start til Sept. 22nd, but once I can get my favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte (Thank you Starbucks!), it is FALL!

Since I started writing, this time of year triggers a lot of my creativity. Words seem to flow smoothly onto the paper, like a trail of leaves blowing around in the air, landing softly onto the ground.

In honor of this time of year I am sharing one of my very first poems I wrote, when my sister asked me to write a rhyming poem…

Leaves, Leaves

Geez Louise

Look at all these leaves,

Floating around,

Not touching the ground.

Up in the air,

Over there.

Can’t you see,

They’re waving to me.



So grab your comfy sweater, a PSL, and enjoy Nature’s artwork.

Enjoy your journey!