Plugging Away

I am still plugging away on the format for the new book, When Willow Weeps. I am hoping to get the last part done within the new 2 weeks. I have given myself a deadline of completion for June 30th, so that I can have the newest book done and in my hands for the AuthorFest in Round Lake, IL, on Aug 4th. This year is a bit more exciting for me than last year, just because I feel I have more confidence in my writing (and myself) and I feel like I have grown as a writer as well.

So, off I go back to my writing, pen in hand and a blank notebook longing to be full.

“Pave Paradise…”

Behind our library there was a wooded area. I loved looking outside from the library window and seeing the colors of the trees in autumn, new buds blooming in the spring, shade for the animals in the summer, and snow covered wonderland in winter. Yesterday instead of seeing the world turning green, I saw branches laying on the ground and stumps that were once giant trees, was all that was left. This spot of the world no longer had the melody of birds in the daylight, now all thats left is the roaring noise of machines.

Not sure what will be there in place of those trees; all I know is that the next time I am in the area, it will never be the same.

“Pave paradise and put up a parking lot…”