Block Happens

Been busy, tired and suffering from a block, a writer’s block. All of my normal tricks to get out of my funk weren’t working. I just couldn’t figure out why. Changing scenery didn’t work, writing at different times of the day didn’t work, looking back at older poems for encouragement didn’t work, so I went to music.

I opened up my Pandora and clicked on one of my favorite artists, Walk Off The Earth. I scrolled down, found “All Songs”, and with fingers crossed I clicked on the first song, Red Hands. From there each of their songs played on. Closing my eyes and listening to the lyrics and beats, my mind cleared. Words started flowing like a thawed stream after a long winter. Images passed through, leaping off the paper at me. Finally the “dam” block crumbled!

Thanks WOTE!!

January and 51 degrees??

Its the middle of January and 51 degrees, last week it was snowing and in the 20s…only in Chicago. Never a dull moment here!

With the ups and downs of the weather, it has been great writing weather. No writers block, thank goodness! I am so excited about this one! New poems and black & white photos, plus a few photos and artwork from budding artists. Can’t wait to release them but, for now, back to organizing and formatting.


Its 2018, a new year with new possibilities. My word for this year is ACHIEVE. What will I create and achieve this year? I am looking forward to releasing of my next book, venturing out and expanding my writing (maybe a collection of short stories or a novel).
What is your word for the year? What goals are you hoping to achieve? Dreams that you are going to make come true?

A New Year with New Possibilities…