New Page Recommendations

The site is up, now what…well I have added a recommendation page. There will be authors and books I enjoy reading, authors I have had the pleasure of meeting, and some reviews. I hope that you will take the time and read the page. Maybe you will even find a new book you love that you may had not picked up otherwise.

Who is your favorite author? Book? I love recommendations from others. Send me an email and I will post the book and a review right here on my site. Authors are welcome too.

Happy Reading!

Working On My Site

I have never done a website before, thank goodness that I have a Mac and iWeb. I am lucky to have this program, it makes it easier for me to just type, drop, and go. If I would have to do coding and all that computer stuff, this site would never get done.

So, slowly but surely I will get this website up for all to see. I have big plans for it, like posting new works, photos, and maybe a place where others can ask me questions. Here goes nothing!

It will be fun getting to see this up on the web.