I’m Back

Hi Everyone! I’m back!! Life has been crazy lately and I just don’t know where my time has gone. But there is some pretty cool things on the horizon for me.

I am currently working on a children’s poetry book, which has been a fun experience for me. Not only will there be poems but there will be illustrations done by myself and my kids. I have very talented family and this work of art will be a family affair.

I am also trying to come up with my next book. The working title is “Soul in Words”. Now if I can only get through my writer’s block, I will be fine. Looking at the same four walls in my office has made writing challenging. I use to go to my favorite cafe, Something’s Brewing, to get through my writer’s block but since COVID I have not be able to go and sit and write. Thank goodness for better weather, because now I can sit outside and write.

I have an upcoming event in July in Lake Geneva, WI. The Lake Geneva Public Library is hosting Beachside AuthorFest on July 10th from 10am-4pm. This is one of my favorite events and I am so looking forward to it. The venue is beautiful, it’s right on the lake, I highly recommend coming out to it. There are usually quite a few authors and vendors.

I am planning on being out at the Grayslake Farmers Market sometime this summer, located at This Old Book. Date and time to come.

If you haven’t gotten my newest book, Don’t Let Me Fall ($16.00) and would like a sign copy, drop me an email at lilacandwillow04@gmail.com.

Enjoy your journey.


November is one of my favorite months. The weather is cooler, the leaves are beautiful and falling, the crunching underfoot, and the burning leaf smell that circles the air. The world is getting ready for the winter months; not that I am a fan of the below zero temperatures or the icy roads, but the blanket of snow that covers everything so that the world may sleep til spring when it is reborn in fresh new color, is part of the wonder I love to experience.

November is also a time to be thankful. I am thankful for family and friends, of the year that is passing, thankful for the little things, and thankful for what I have. I am thankful this year for the release of my latest collection, Don’t Let Me Fall, and the readers who joined me in the journey through its pages. I am also thankful for the start of two new projects, one of which is another poetry collection, the other is another work of nonfiction, the story of one part of my life. With these two projects I will be very busy this coming year but I look forward to sharing the ups and downs I will be experiencing.

But for now…

Have a wonderful November and Happy Thanksgiving.

New Book

I know it has been awhile since my last blog entry, but I have been working hard on my next collection, Don’t Let Me Fall. I’ve been working nonstop to get this out and it looks like the release will be within the next couple of weeks (beginning of Sept).

Don’t Let Me Fall is filled with poems that span from hardship and loss to joy and acceptance. Along with photos, I believe this is my best collection yet. A lot of me is within these pages and the writing helped me get through a very emotional time for me.

I will be having a virtual launch party once the book is completed, so look on my Facebook page: -tel.me a story and on @tel.inkonpaper. I will have Q&A, giveaway, and readings from Don’t Let Me Fall. So keep a lookout for the Save the Date post.


Hello! Hope everyone is staying nice and warm this time of year. I just wanted to announce 2 new pages on my website! Pick Up A Good Book, Photos, etc and Member of…

Pick Up… now gives me a place to share all of what I have to offer aside from my books. Throughout this month and next, I will be adding photos of examples of my works. One item I am working on and really excited about is, my poems with images. I will be matching poems with certain images to create an unique framed work of art. All of my images are and will be numbered and limited quantities will be available. Currently you are able to place an order only through email, however I will be opening an e-shop in the future.

Member of… is a page to feature the organizations I am currently a member of, which I will pass along information of upcoming events through those organizations on my What’s Going On page.

Keep a lookout for upcoming events for the spring and summer!

Enjoy your journey,


Winter Blues

Winter Blues hit in January, after all the hoopla of the holidays are over, there isn’t much in January to do or get excited about. Though this month I actually do I have something to get excited about, I have another Winter Fine Art Show and Sale with the Grayslake Art Alliance on January 25th. I love being a part of such a great organization and able to be featured at these shows. I will have some of my photography, as well as, my books.

I am also working on my newest collection, Don’t Let Me Fall, which will be released in June 2020. This book has helped me through some real difficult times. I look forward to sharing it with you all.

Have a great January!

the cover of Don’t Let Me Fall


Happy Holidays!

I love this time of year everyone is a little nicer, children look at the world in wonder, and spending time with love ones matters the most. This month is the only time of year that I love seeing snow and as I have gotten older I have come to realize I should slow down and take in the lights and joy of the season.

So, I just wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays! Enjoy this time with you friends and family.

I will be back next year with new poems, events, signings, and so much more. This next year will be full of new and promising adventures for me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry and Bright

Work In Progress

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for being away, but I have been doing quite a bit of writing and working on my next collection of poems. The title is Don’t Let Me Fall. I will take you through my last year of sadness, grieving, learning, pain, finding the silver lining, and see the happiness in the smallest thing. This collection has my soul in every page and has helped me through the healing process.

I am hoping to have this collection by June 2020, and hopefully by the time Printers Row Lit Fest, which is June 6th and 7th. If you haven’t been to this Lit Fest, you should. There are Indie bookstores, authors, organizations, and so much more.

Up coming events:

Holiday Fine Arts Show and Sale, November 29th from 5p-8p at Grayslake Village Hall

A Poet in Everyone Workshop, January 11, 2020 from 1p-3p at Grayslake Heritage Center

New Work

those words you spew
slash to the depths
of my soul,
til all that is left
is a shell.

I am working on a new collection of poetry and I am hoping to publish the newest book by next year. It will be my second book published through Pressing on Press, Inc. I will have all updates along with sneak peeks of poems & photos, and dates of events I will be attending.

Finally Spring

Yay!!! After a few spring snowstorms and cold temperatures, we are finally in Spring. Flowers are blooming, trees turning green, and the sweet sound of kids playing outside, wakes all of us from the winter slump.

Now its time for planting. I have 3 new lilac bushes in the ground and standing tall. The kids will be more active in the veggie garden this year, which will be a huge help. We are extending it to hold more cucumbers and lettuce and adding some new veggies too.

What do all of this have with writing? Poetry? Its all about inspiration. Watching the world awaken around me, I go off in the land of poetry, where hope, beauty and emotions encourages me to write more, even raining days. Poetry is me. I put my heart and soul into every word I get on paper. Then listening to the kids outside reminds me of my youth and though my childhood had some very bad times, I can look back and see the moments that where my best days.

Life is my inspiration. So go out and enjoy Spring, maybe you will be inspired too.

Writer’s Slump

Every writer deals with a slump or block along the way. Its no surprise then, that I have fallen into it too. When writing poetry, I find even on my bad days I can get at least one poem idea but in writing my novel there seems to be more times where I am looking down at a blank piece of paper. I have been trying to find ways out of my block, oh yes I even looked into how some of the greatest authors did it, but I just can’t day drink (LOL). I have tried many things meditation, reading, writing all thoughts down, but nothing helped until, I started listening to music, especially Walk Off The Earth (oh yeah, huge WOTE-ing) and the light went on and the words flowed out onto the paper.

So on to writing! When it was Me is in the works and more than just a title and a small idea!